Charles 5000 Series C-Chargers

Charles 5000 Series C-Chargers


The Charles 5000 Series C-Charger is tested for durability against static, impact, vibration, and shock.


  • DC Ammeter Indicates The Charge Rate
  • Ignition Protection (USCG-33 CFR 183.410)
  • AC And DC Fuse Protection
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Utilizing high-quality components and corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum housing, C-CHARGER® are built to last, performing in the toughest of marine environments. Charles 5000 SP battery chargers feature a battery type selector switch. This feature allows the boater to charge either lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries.

Multi-step charging with temperature compensation

  • Restores up to 3 individual battery banks simultaneously
  • Internal temperature compensation (12V 30-100 amp models and 24V 20-60 amp models) automatically adjusts output to precisely charge batteries according to ambient conditions

Corrosion resistant housing and components

  • Constructed of tough, anodized aluminum housing that stands up to the elements-including extreme heat, humidity and salt air
  • Circuit boards with UL recommended coatings provide the ultimate in environmental protection and hydrolyte stability-meets requirements of MIL-1-46058C

Easy to install and service

  • Battery selector switch allows charger to be used with lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries
  • Exterior slots for easy mounting
  • Easy access to terminal connections and fuses
  • 5 Year warranty, made in the USA


Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
Charles 5000 Series C-Chargers 93-12105SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 10Amps
In Stock
Charles 5000 Series C-Chargers 93-12155SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 15Amps, 12V
In Stock
Charles 93-12205SP-1 5000 Series C-Charger - 20A/3 Bank 93-12205SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 20Amps
In Stock
Charles 9C-12205SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC - 20A/3 Bank 9C-12205SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 20Amp, 220VAC
In Stock
Charles 93-12305SP-1 5000 Series C-Charger - 30A/3 Bank 93-12305SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 30Amps
In Stock
Charles 93-24105SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v - 10A/3 Bank 93-24105SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 10Amp, 24V
In Stock
Charles 9C-12305SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC - 30A/3 Bank 9C-12305SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 30Amps, 220VAC
In Stock
Charles 93-12405SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger - 40A/3 Bank 93-12405SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 40Amps
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Charles 9C-12405SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC - 40A/3 Bank 9C-12405SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 40Amps, 220VAC
In Stock
Charles 93-24205SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v  20A/3 Bank 93-24205SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 20Amps, 24V
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Charles 9C-24205SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC 24V - 20A/3 Bank 9C-24205SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 20Amps, 220VAC, 24V
In Stock
Charles 93-12505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 50A/3 Bank 93-12505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 50Amps
In Stock
Charles 93-24305SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v  30A/3 Bank 93-24305SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 30Amps, 24V
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Charles 9C-24305SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC 24V 30A/3 Bank 9C-24305SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 30Amps, 220VAC, 24V
In Stock
Charles 93-12605SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger - 60A/3 Bank 93-12605SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 60Amps
In Stock
Charles 9C-12605SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC 60A/3 Bank 9C-12605SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 60Amps, 220VAC
In Stock
Charles 93-24405SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v  40A/3 Bank 93-24405SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 40Amps, 24V
In Stock
Charles 9C-12805SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 220VAC - 80A/3 Bank 9C-12805SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 80Amps, 220VAC
In Stock
Charles 93-24505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v  50A/3 Bank 93-24505SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 50Amps, 24V
In Stock
Charles 93-121005SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 100A/3 Bank 93-121005SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 100Amps
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Charles 93-24605SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24v  60A/3 Bank 93-24605SP-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 60Amps, 24V
In Stock
Charles 9C-24605SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger 24V, 220VAC - 60A/3 Bank 9C-24605SPI-A 5000 Series C-Charger, 60Amps, 220VAC, 24V
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
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