Extech TL805 Double Injected Test Leads

Extech TL805 Double Injected Test Leads


The Extech Double Injected Test Leads are compatible with most multimeters.


  • Professional grade test leads
  • Heavy duty chromium plated brass tips
  • 10A capacity
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The Extech Double Injected Test Leads are professional grade test leads made with heavy duty chromium-plated brass tips. The double coated PVC lead wire with a white inner layer will help easily identify damaged leads. The shrouded, non-twist banana plugs are made for reduced socket wear. Superflex molded strain reliefs for improved cable flexibility, and "D" shaped finger guards allow for easy access to narroly spaces test points. The test leads are compatible with most multimeters, and have a 10A capacity.

Notable Specifications:
  • Capacity: 10A
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Extech TL805 Double Injected Test Leads TL805 Double injected test leads
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