Laser Technology MapSmart Field Mapping Software

Laser Technology MapSmart Field Mapping Software


MapSmart Software allows the user to easily collect and store data points to a mobile device, field computer or PC.


  • Store, review, calculate, verify and map data points
  • Instantly generate point, line, curve and area maps
  • Upload custom information such as data point descriptions
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The Laser Technology MapSmart software is an easy-to-use system for data collection and mapping. Designed for the "non-surveyor", there are four basic mapping techniques that use the data from a laser rangefinder. There is a baseline offset method for mapping long narrow areas, the range triangulation method for small-scale projects, the radial with azimuth method for larger projects requiring numerous shots and the radial with angle method for urban or construction areas.


MapSmart can instantly calculate areas and verify distances on site and store the information to be transferred to a PC later. With the volume upgrade option, MapSmart can calculate the volume in the field which can then be viewed as raw data or as a contour map.


The program offers helpful reminders throughout the editing process to make mapping even easier. 

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