Newport News mows into expensive wetland purchase

By on February 21, 2012

The city of Newport News, Va. recently purchased 37 acres of land that include a local wetland the city erroneously mowed less than two years ago. The $950,000 purchase will facilitate a new road that will connect two major boulevards, but this will only use 5 acres of the land. The city may not have purchased the remainder of the land if the mowing mistake had not occurred.

In summer of 2010, the city responded to a high weed complaint and had local inmates mow the land. However, they later discovered that they mowed over a protected wetland. The city then became responsible for monitoring the wetlands on the property which could have cost them at least $7,000 a year for several years. City Engineer Everett Skipper said that they city may have bought the remainder of the property anyway to expand its environmental “green space” project.


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