• Earth and Atmosphere News
    Book discusses geoengineering the earth’s climate

    Jeff Goodell, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, says that it might be possible to manipulate the earth’s climate on a large-scale, something called geoengineering. In an interview with NPR, he notes the possibilities of building machines...

  • Image credit: whologwhy, via Flickr
    DNA sequencing of insect soup shows biodiversity

    Researchers in England devised a new method for monitoring biodiversity with an insect soup and low cost DNA sequencing, according to a University of East Anglia press release. Douglas Yu, a biology professor and the lead researcher...

  • A clamshell dredge in action (Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
    Dredging found to reduce fish biodiversity

    Researchers at Penn State University find that dredging projects may reduce fish diversity, according to a release. Dredging is usually undertaken to remove detrimental sediment from a waterway. The investigators looked at 15 sites along the Allegheny...

  • Juvenile Red-veined darter dragonfly (Credit: Alvesgaspar, via Wikimedia Commons)
    Study: Pesticides reducing aquatic insect biodiversity

    Many common pesticides are reducing biodiversity of rivers and streams, reports a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Using data from areas throughout Europe and Australia, scientists found that ecosystems contaminated with...

  • Water flows off a farm in Tennessee following a storm (Credit: Tim McCabe/NRCS)
    USDA rolls out new water quality app

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has developed a new online water quality app to assess runoff from agricultural lands. Called the Water Quality Index for Agricultural Runoff, or WQIag, the application integrates multiple land use, soil, and nutrient...

  • Edge of field monitoring station (Credit: Minnesota Department of Agriculture)
    USDA will fund agricultural conservation to improve water quality

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Resources Conservation Service will make about $35 million available to farmers for conservation measures that will improve water quality, according to a USDA release. The funding is part of the second...

  • The restoration saved this bridge, the only direct thoroughfare, just outside the town of Ripley, Tenn. (Credit: USDA/NRCS)
    USDA completes $14 million restoration of Cane Creek

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has successfully restored parts of Tennessee’s Cane Creek, according to a release.

  • Smog over Beijing's Forbidden City (Credit: Brian Jeffery Beggerly, via Flickr)
    Beijing installs monitoring network to study smog

    Officials in Beijing have completed a network of 35 new air monitoring stations, according to a report from the Associated Press. The move comes after the U.S. embassy there began publishing hourly smog readings collected from an...