Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps

Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps


The Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps have four regulated ultrabright LED's that illuminate dark outdoor conditions with a powerful and wide beam.


  • QUADs housing is molecularly bonded together
  • Separately molded battery compartment
  • Best headlamps for working around camp,dark trail runs, and work spaces
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Notable Specifications:
  • Power: 78 Lumens
  • Lamp: 4 Ultrabright LEDs
  • Burn time: 105 Hours
  • Batteries: 3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium
  • Weight: 96 Grams
  • UL rating approved - Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D Class II Division 2 Groups F & G
  • UL temp code:E T4
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Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps QUAD-BK QUAD 78 lumen headlamp, black
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Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps QUAD-OD QUAD 78 lumen headlamp, olive drab
In Stock
Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps QUAD-BL QUAD 78 lumen headlamp, blue
In Stock
Princeton Tec QUAD 78 Lumen Headlamps QUAD-IND QUAD industrial 78 lumen headlamp, black
In Stock
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