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Vaisala WXT520 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor

Vaisala WXT520 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor


The Vaisala WXT520 multi-parameter weather sensor is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures the most essential weather parameters.


  • Measures the 6 most essential weather parameters combined in one rugged instrument
  • No moving parts for durability and long maintenance intervals
  • Easy integration with NexSens software, data logging & telemetry products
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The Vaisala WXT520 multi-parameter weather sensor simultaneously measures wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity with an unparalleled combination of performance and value. The sensor consumes little power and has no moving parts, making it ideal for remote weather stations. A number of options are available, including a heated version, bird deterrent kit, USB service cable, lightning surge protector, and M12 cable connector assembly.

All measurements are based on proven Vaisala technology, including the PTU module for barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity; the WINDCAP sensor for wind speed and direction; and the RAINCAP sensor for rainfall, rain intensity, and duration. The precipitation measurement detects the impact of individual rain drops, which is proportional to the volume of the drops. The signal from each drop is converted directly to the accumulated rainfall.

The Vaisala WXT520 multi-parameter weather sensor housing with mounting kit is water-resistant to IP66, completely protecting the internal components from dust and low-pressure jets of water. The sensor includes an SDI-12 output for interfacing with NexSens iSIC and SDL data loggers. Data collection options include direct-connect, landline phone, cellular, radio, Ethernet, WI-FI, and satellite telemetry. NexSens iChart Software is a Windows-based program for interfacing both locally (direct-connect) and remotely (through telemetry) to a NexSens data logger or network of data loggers.
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Vaisala WXT520 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor WXT520AAA0AA00B0 WXT520 multi-parameter weather sensor, air temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall & wind
In Stock
Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
Vaisala 8-Pin M12 Male Connector Assembly 224171 8-pin M12 male connector assembly In Stock
Vaisala M12 Female Terminal Block Connector 212416 8-pin M12 female terminal block connector In Stock
Vaisala 8-pin M12 Cable with Bare Wires 222287 8-pin M12 female cable with bare wires on one end, 2m In Stock
Vaisala 8-pin M12 Cable with Bare Wires 222288 8-pin M12 female cable with bare wires on one end, 10m In Stock
Vaisala 8-pin M12 Cable with Dual Connectors 215952 8-pin M12 cable with female & male connectors, 10m In Stock
Vaisala Mounting Kit 212792 Mounting kit for 3/4" pipe In Stock
Vaisala Bird Spike Kit 212793 Bird spike kit In Stock
Vaisala Service Pack 2 220614 Service Pack 2: configuration tool for Windows, USB service cable In Stock
Vaisala WSP150 Surge Protector WSP150 Surge protector for Vaisala ultrasonic wind sensors In Stock
Vaisala WSP152 Surge Protector WSP152 Surge protector for host PC (e.g. USB connection). Includes M12 connectors. For use with 220782 and 215952. In Stock
Vaisala RS-232/485-to-USB Cable Adapter 220782 RS-232/485-to-USB cable adapter with 8-pin M12 female connector, 1.4m In Stock

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