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Located in the Lower Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley region, Fondriest Environmental is a leading distributor and integrator of equipment for natural resource professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Our team of specialists can help customers understand the products they are buying and make the correct decisions out in the field. We seek to understand project needs, devise a comprehensive solution, provide the equipment and know-how to implement it, and then offer long-term project support for whatever needs arise.


We work closely with NexSens Technology, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of real-time environmental measurement systems. A variety of sensor, platform, and telemetry options are available to fit the unique needs of each project. We can provide complete integrated solutions and support projects from conception to completion. An extensive fleet of rental equipment is also available for short-term project needs.


Fondriest Environmental is a Certified Repair Center for YSI, NexSens & FishSens, offering quick turnaround, affordable labor rates, and personalized service. Our knowledgeable technicians are available for phone, email, and on-site support when the need arises.


We cover many customer projects in our Environmental Monitor magazine, which is updated daily online and printed quarterly. We also produce Lake Scientist, an interactive online resource providing research articles and news on lake ecology. Informational pages on environmental parameters and applications are available in the Measurement Sciences section of our website. And FishSens Magazine, available online, provides anglers, boaters, and fisheries professionals with the latest fish science news.


A commitment to integrity and longstanding customer relations are the standard, rather than the exception, at Fondriest Environmental. We support professionals, educators, and researchers who continuously work to monitor and protect our global resources by providing them with the products and services needed to face today’s environmental challenges. Our team of solution-driven experts has years of field experience and a keen eye for finding the best equipment for each application.

Contact Information

To reach an application specialist, please call (888) 426.2151 or email customercare@fondriest.com.

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