Davis Air-Flow Tels

Davis Air-Flow Tels


The Davis Air-Flow Tels attach to sails with waterproof adhesive locator discs.


  • No holes required
  • Tels show the air flow across the sails
  • Allow to trim sails for maximum performance
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Each kit includes 14 Tels and full instructions on where to apply them and how to read them.

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Davis Air-Flow Tels 950 Air-flow tels, pack of 14
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Texting Buoys Helping to Create a Data Democracy

Over the summer, the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) , which is dedicated in part to sharing buoy data with the public, got a viral social media boost to their text-a-buoy system. The GLOS texting buoys provide information about water and weather on the Great Lakes for anglers, boaters, and anyone else who wants it, including live video feeds from some buoys. GLOS communications manager Kristin Schrader spoke to EM about why the texting buoys are getting their 15 minutes of fame now—and the benefits these trusty texting sentinels of the lakes offer to humans. Texting buoys “This feature was designed by our contractor, LimnoTech, to provide a low-tech way for people to get info from the buoys,” explains Schrader.

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eDNA Tests Swimmability in 90 Minutes or Less

In most places around the country where freshwater lakes and beaches offer recreational opportunities, health officials monitor the water for elevated bacterial counts—usually about once a week in populated areas, less often in more remote locations. However, the current state-of-the-art testing leaves about 24 to 30 hours of lag time between when water is tested for bacteria and when results come back. During that time, if the water seems unsafe, officials usually limit access to it. This summer, researchers from Cornell University were testing a new approach using environmental DNA (eDNA) with the help of Biomeme Inc. , a biotechnology device company.

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ROVs Sparking Compassion and Curiosity at the Shedd Aquarium

This summer, the team from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago began pilot programs designed to reach local communities in a new way. Specifically, they ran excursions on both Lake Michigan and the Chicago River using ROVs equipped with underwater cameras and other tools to introduce more land-dwellers to what lies beneath the water. Shedd Aquarium Learning Programs Manager Sadie Norwick and Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Kayley Ciocci spoke to EM about the Shedd's innovative ROV programming for the public. Inspiring conservation with technology Although the pilot programs using the ROVs were new in 2018, the Shedd team is no stranger to using ROVs to educate the public.

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