Geneq SXBlue II-B GPS Receiver

The Geneq SXBlue II-B GPS Receiver with DGPS Beacon is a compact GPS that delivers true sub-meter performance every second using SBAS or built-in DGPS Beacon receiver.


  • Sub-60cm, 2dRMS real-time GPS performance
  • Modular, multi-port interface (Bluetooth, USB, RS-232)
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery pack for over 10 hours of continuous operation
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Geneq SXBlue II-B GPS ReceiverGESXB2BGPSKIT SXBlue II-B GPS receiver bundle
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Geneq SXBlue II 10Hz Data Output Upgrade GESX210HZ- SXBlue II 10Hz data output upgrade
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue II 20Hz Data Output Upgrade GESX220HZ- SXBlue II 20Hz data output upgrade
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue II/III Car Charger GESXB2CH12 12V car charger for SXBlue II/III
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue II/III External Power Supply GESXEXPSU-0 External power supply for SXBlue II/III, 11-28 VDC
Usually ships in 3-5 days
SECO GIS Backpack 43048 GIS backpack with cam-lock antenna pole
In Stock
Geneq SXBlue II/III Hard-Sided Carrying Case GESXHSCASE Hard-sided carrying case for SXBlue II/III & accessories
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue II/III Pole Mounting Bracket GESXPOLEMOUNT Pole mounting bracket for SXBlue II/III (requires RAPB400U-0)
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq RAM Tough-Claw Small Clamp Base RAPB400U-0 RAM Tough-Claw small clamp base with ball
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue Antenna Mounting Plate GESXANTPLATE Antenna mounting plate for SXBlue (requires GESX90SMAR)
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Geneq SXBlue Right Angle SMA Adapter GESX90SMAR Right angle SMA(F) to SMA(M) adaptor
In Stock
SECO Quick-Release Prism Pole 43035 Quick-release one-section prism pole, extends 1.5m to 2.6m
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
SECO Thumb-Release Bipod 43693 Thumb-release bipod
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
SECO Thumb-Release Tripod 43675 Thumb-release tripod
Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Cedar CP3 Rugged Handheld Computer 27880 CP3 rugged handheld computer. Includes Android 7.1.2, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, 2-4m GPS, 16 MP front/12 MP dual rear camera, IP68 rating, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & 4G LTE communications.
Usually ships in 3-5 days

Go Real-time, All the Time!
The Geneq SXBlue II-B GPS Receiver with DGPS Beacon uses innovative technology that delivers sub-meter accuracy in real-time, all the time. There is no need for post-processing. It utilizes SBAS corrections (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/ GAGAN) or DGPS Beacon corrections world-wide. Having the choice of using either SBAS or DGPS Beacon for sub-meter accuracy provides the ultimate in flexibility to keep you working sub-meter in real-time, all the time. Even in forestry applications and other difficult mapping environments where GPS reception is limited, the SXBlue II-B is designed to keep working and deliver the DGPS accuracy you need all day long.

Accuracy and Productivity in One
The SXBlue II-B GPS takes real-time accuracy a step further. Its accurate code phase measurements and leading edge multipath mitigation delivers sub- 60 cm (2dRMS, 95% confidence) positioning. With its superior tracking performance and innovative real-time positioning, that means no downtime even in harshest conditions, the SXBlue II-B maximizes your productivity by working directly within your GIS framework (ESRI, Autodesk, CMT, Integraph, MapInfo, TDS, etc.) both in the field and the office.

A Long Term Solution
Add a field computer that suits your application, an off-the-shelf software of your choice, and the SXBlue II-B GPS becomes the heart of a modular solution you can grow with. In today's rapidly evolving technologies, its unique multi-port interface (fully independent Bluetooth, USB, RS-232 ports) helps to protect your long term investment by always allowing the use of up-to-date computer hardware, operating system and software.

Built-in DGPS RadioBeacon Receiver
Take advantage of free sub-meter DGPS corrections broadcast in more than 38 countries:

  • 2-channel technology - tracks a back-up DGPS station when available
  • High sensitivity dual H-Field and GPS antenna
  • Fully automatic DGPS Beacon station search
  • Meets US Coast Guard (USCG), US Army Corps of Engineers (USCOE) and International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) requirements
  • (1) SXBlue II-B GPS with battery
  • (1) GPS/Beacon antenna
  • (1) Antenna cable 0.3m SMAR(M)/BNC(F)
  • (1) Antenna cable 1m BNC(M)/SMA(M)
  • (1) Antenna cable 1.5m SMA(M)/SMAR(M)
  • (1) Charger - LI-ION 8.4 V
  • (1) Serial cable, RS-232
  • (1) USB cable
  • (1) Soft carrying case, nylon
  • (1) Modified hat for antenna
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