Geotech Bonded LDPE Tubing Spools

Geotech Bonded LDPE Tubing Spools


Includes bonded low density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing mounted on a spool.


  • Available per foot or by the roll
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Resistant to chemicals
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Geotech Bonded LDPE Tubing Spools 77050527 LDPE tubing, bonded 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD (air) x 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD (discharge), 490 ft. roll, blue
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Geotech Bonded LDPE Tubing Spools 77050521 LDPE tubing, bonded 0.17" ID x 0.25" OD (air) x 0.25" ID x 0.375" OD (discharge), 490 ft. roll
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Geotech Bonded LDPE Tubing Spools 77050531 LDPE tubing, bonded 0.25" ID x 0.375" OD (air) x 0.25" ID x 0.375" OD (discharge), 490 ft. roll. For use with 1.66" dia. bladder pumps at well depths greater than 200 ft.
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