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Hach Nitrate Pocket Colorimeter II

Hach Nitrate Pocket Colorimeter II


Hach's Nitrate Pocket Colorimeter II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument for nitrate measurements.


  • Included lanyard keeps cap & colorimeter together
  • Tough, impact-resistant shell for years of trouble-free operation
  • Quick, simple menu navigation & selection
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The Hach Nitrate Pocket Colorimeter II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It is lightweight, battery operated, and suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring. It allows user calibrations, offering the capability for creating user-defined calibration curves or performing a standard adjust.

The instrument comes factory programmed, and no manual calibration is ever required. Simply zero the instrument with a blank, insert the reacted sample, and read the result. The Range Indicator icon on the display indicates either the instrument range or the parameter being tested. Record the ten most recent data points with time stamp - no need to record results manually.

The Pocket Colorimeter II offers accuracy and reproducibility comparable to expensive lab instruments, but is designed for a long working life in harsh conditions. A long-lasting LED is used as the light source, and low power requirements assure long battery life.
What's Included:
  • (1) Hach nitrate pocket colorimeter II
  • (1) Reagent set with 100 tests
  • (6) Sample cells
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) Operations manual
Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
Hach Nitrate Pocket Colorimeter II 5870002 Nitrate pocket colorimeter II, nitrate test kit, 0.4-30.0 mg/L, 100 tests
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
Hach NitraVer 5 Nitrate Powder Pillows 2106169 Nitrate powder pillows, 10mL sample, 0-30 mg/L, 100 tests
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Hach 10mL Marked Round Glass Sample Cells 2427606 Sample cells, 1" round glass with 10mL mark, 6 pack
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Hach Pocket Colorimeter II Custom Holster 5953100 Custom holster with embroidered logo
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Hach Soft-Sided Carrying Case 2722000 Soft-sided instrument carrying case with shoulder strap
Usually ships in 3-5 days

Questions & Answers

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What if I need to recalibrate this meter?
The Pocket Colorimeter II is factory-calibrated and ready to use, with no recalibration needed. If desired, it will accept user-defined calibration curves that can be programmed in manually. However, Hach recommends the use of factory calibration unless otherwise required.
Do I need to use the cap?
Yes, the cap doubles as a light shield for the colorimeter. In order to obtain accurate measurements, the sample or blank must be covered with the cap.
Why is there a solid in my sample?
After fixing the sample with NitraVer, a deposit of unoxidized metal can remain. This deposit will not affect the results .

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