Mustang DLX 38 Deluxe Automatic Inflatable PFD - Red/Black

Mustang DLX 38 Deluxe Automatic Inflatable PFD - Red/Black
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DLX 38 Deluxe Automatic Inflatable PFD - Red/Black

Improved comfort and functionality. A popular choice for kayak fishermen, coastal cruisers, and general boaters seeking high buoyancy flotation.

  • AIS compatible to aid searchers in a rescue situation
  • Zippered side pocket
  • More comfortable fit around neck and back
  • MOLLE inspired attachment system for custom configuration of gear (pocket sold separately)
  • Dual side adjusters provide an easy size adjustment
  • 38LBS buoyancy when inflated
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Mustang DLX 38 Deluxe Automatic Inflatable PFD - Red/Black MD2983-123 MUSTANG DLX 38 DELUXE AUTOMATIC INFLATABLE PFD
In Stock

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