Asian carp DNA not widespread throughout Great Lakes

By on April 10, 2013
Silver Carp (Credit: D. O'Keefe, Michigan Sea Grant)

A study led by University of Notre Dame researchers suggests that Asian carp DNA is present in the Great Lakes, but not in substantial quantities, according to a release from NRC Research Press

Preventing the spread of Asian carp is essential in the Great Lakes because of their status as an invasive species capable of disturbing the lakes’ ecology.

Researchers conducted extensive surveys of Southern Lake Michigan and parts of lakes Erie and St. Clair and found that carp DNA was only present in areas where Asian carp have been known to exist from previous capture. This information contradicts some previous reports insinuating that Asian carp DNA might be spread throughout the Great Lakes by birds, boats and other avenues.

Image: Asian carp (Credit: D. O’Keefe, Michigan Sea Grant)


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