Auburn University to study Cotton Bayou for effects from oil dispersants

By on January 9, 2013
The Orange Beach, Ala., coast (Credit: divemasterking2000, via Wikimedia Commons)

Researchers at Auburn University have gotten the go-ahead from the town of Orange Beach, Ala., to see if there are residual effects from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the town’s water, according to Gulf Coast News Today. Remaining funds from a BP grant will be used to pay for the study in nearby Cotton Bayou.

Following the spill, concern over oil dispersants used by BP spread through the town’s residents. The research will specifically look at the levels of those chemicals in the bayou to determine if there are still any present in its waters.

Orange Beach officials say the study will ideally be a long-term one, noting that the scientists need time to find out if something is amiss in the bayou. Once findings are reported, the town will know if any further action is needed.

Image: The Orange Beach, Ala., coast (Credit: divemasterking2000, via Wikimedia Commons)

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