Columbia University professor develops carbon scrubber

By on November 7, 2013
Technology News

To store the amount of carbon dioxide that will be generated in the upcoming century, scientist Klaus Lackner at Columbia University says an area the size of Lake Michigan would be needed, according to Medill Reports Chicago. The professor has suggested recycling CO2 instead, and has developed a way to pull it out of the air.

At the core of his approach is a carbon scrubber that he says could capture a ton of CO2 per day. It’s made in a carousel construction that houses plastic filters. When wind blows, the filters absorb CO2 until they fully saturate, then lower into vacuum chambers to be cleaned before resurfacing.

After the CO2 is collected, Lackner says it could be sold to greenhouses. The carbon dioxide could feed their plants and recycle the gas in a cheap way that wouldn’t require liquefaction.

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