Coquitlam River improves despite ‘threatened’ ranking

By on March 8, 2013
Coquitlam River (Credit: radiobread, via Flickr)

A British Columbia river listed among the most endangered rivers in the region is showing signs of recovery, according to the Tri-City News.

Environmental testing by Coquitlam B.C. city employees indicates that the Coquitlam River water conditions improved during 2012.

Gravel mining damaged the river with heavy sediment loading.  The Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia rated the river as the ninth most threatened river in the region for 2012.

Newly released analysis of water monitoring data collected during 2012 by city employees shows water improved in most parameters, including pH and turbidity.  Dissolved oxygen levels were lower than city officials wanted at 9 to 10 mg/L. Also one sample showed a high level of total copper in the water. Click here to review the data.

Image: Coquitlam River (Credit: radiobread, via Flickr)

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