California database reveals water usage differences during drought

By on February 11, 2014
Earth and Atmosphere News

A California database breaks down the state into hydrologic regions to reveal water usage is higher for inland cities across the state, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Those near the Pacific Coast use less.

Cities in the Colorado River region use an average of 379 gallons each day per person. The next highest average is for the region near the Sacramento River. The two lowest averages are found in the San Francisco Bay area, at 156 gallons, and the Central Coast, at 147 gallons.

The data reveal consumption differences amidst the Golden State’s current water crisis. In Palm Springs, residents with big lawns and pools push past the regional average by 357 gallons each day. In Hillsborough, the regional average is beaten by an extra 178 gallons. The industrial city of Vernon uses the most in the state Р94,111 gallons per resident each day.

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