Delaware Sea Grant offers oceanography merit badge

By on July 18, 2013

Boy Scouts can now earn an oceanography merit badge through a program from the Delaware Sea Grant, according to a release. The program looks to fill a gap in ocean education for the scouts, who the Sea Grant says have plenty of land-based education.

The badge’s training content will look at many aspects of oceanography, including the importance of the ocean, different branches of ocean science, properties of seawater, seafloor topography, ocean circulation and marine biology. Other universities have similar badge programs, but this is its first go at U. of Delaware.

Interested scouts will need to complete a required workbook and training in the field. The curriculum is a combination of science content and hands-on activities and gives scouts access to experts in the field.

Image: Boy Scouts learning about oceanography through the Delaware Sea Grant College Program (Credit: University of Delaware)

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