Heron Instruments’ dipperLog NANO logs water levels on small budgets

By on April 16, 2014

Heron Instruments dipperLog NANO water level logger

A new line of low-cost water level loggers from Heron Instruments will give customers more bang for their limited bucks. The dipperLog NANO line launched in February and features models for any groundwater level monitoring project.

“We wanted to lower the cost of data logging to encourage greater use for smaller budget projects,” said Donald Toon, owner of Heron Instruments.

A dipperLog NANO made of Delrin, a composite material, comes in at $299. A stainless steel model is available at the same cost. Both are smaller than more expensive water level loggers on the market but are made with different applications in mind.

“Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. Whatever grade is used, under the right or wrong conditions, it will corrode,” said Toon. “This corrosion can be caused by bacteria that will try to ‘eat’ the iron in the steel. The bacteria do not eat Delrin, so we suggest using this material in corrosive environments.”

Vented or unvented configurations let users pick the model that best fits project needs, the difference between the two being that unvented loggers measure total pressure (atmospheric pressure plus water pressure) while vented ones measure water pressure only. Vented dipperLog NANOs, in Delrin or stainless steel, are $399 each.

The deployment process is the same for both models. After loading the dipperLog NANO software onto a computer, users connect to the logger using a USB readout cable and enter info specific to that logger into the software.

From there, users “lower the logger in the well to the required depth below water level and hit ‘start logger,’” said Toon. “You can request a quick real-time reading to make sure it is functioning and that’s it. Simple as one, two, three.”

Two accessory meters, Heron’s tapNtell and its companion unit, the showNtell, can also be used to give a reading of water level at launch. Toon says these give an instant reading of water depth compensated for barometric pressure, something that each dipperLog NANO also records at launch.

As data collection progresses, up to 32,000 sets can be stored on each dipperLog NANO’s internal memory. Data may be downloaded into the dipperLog NANO software or onto external data loggers via SDI-12 protocol.

Maintenance concerns are minimal. Toon says loggers only need to be shielded from vandalism or interference by animals. And each dipperLog NANO is pre-calibrated by Heron and ready for use on delivery.

When service needs do arise, Heron is there to assist. “We are very easy to deal with,” said Toon. “We want satisfied users.”

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