Earthquake on Seattle fault would likely cause landslides

By on November 13, 2013

Seattle Skyline at night (Credit: Nova77, via Wikimedia Commons)

Research led by the University of Washington indicates that an earthquake on the Seattle fault could trigger landslides in the city, according to a release. The areas at risk for landslides, researchers say, are larger than previously thought.

To complete their study, the researchers divided the city into a grid and simulated ground motion for a magnitude 7 earthquake. The grid was divided again into smaller sections, and landslides were anticipated for areas having shallow layers of soil.

A third of landslides triggered in the simulations were outside of areas that are currently defined as being prone to landslides, researchers say. That’s because the city’s landslide zones are mostly defined by considering the chance of a slide caused by water.

Image: Seattle Skyline at night (Credit: Nova77, via Wikimedia Commons)

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