Effluent Alert Notification – Industrial Water Quality Monitoring

By on August 17, 2010
Project Overview

Recently, an environmental engineer for a large chemical manufacturer needed a wireless solution to provide real-time information on a remote factory effluent. The company had previously employed field technicians to manually check effluent water quality by visiting the remote site, collecting the data, and reporting their findings using written charts. Often, it would take more than a month to retrieve and analyze data obtained by a field technician. With the switch to a NexSens wireless solution, the company has realized an immediate and significant improvement in operational efficiency and time-savings.

System Description

The effluent alert notification system is comprised of a NexSens 3100-iSIC cellular data logger at the effluent site. Connected to the data logger is a YSI 600 OMS optical turbidity sonde with temperature and conductivity probes. At fixed intervals throughout the day, the NexSens data logger will notify the YSI sonde to take a water quality reading. The data is then sent via cellular signals to the environmental engineer’s office PC, where the data can be viewed in real-time with NexSens iChart software. iChart is configured to alert the engineer’s cell phone if the water quality readings exceed regulation, removing the need for someone to continuously monitor the data. This NexSens cellular notification system vigilantly keeps watch over the effluent, increasing plant efficiency, as well as saving time, money, and manpower.

Customer Testimonial

“The 24/7 information that we can access with our wireless system is invaluable. Not only can we easily monitor and manage our effluent water quality, we can also access critical real-time data to help maintain our permit compliance. NexSens has been an excellent partner, helping us through every step of the wireless technology adoption, with the end result of making our company more efficient and better equipped. In addition, we were pleased that NexSens implemented a special SMS messaging capability to provide real-time data and alarm notification on our cellular phones.”

-Environmental Engineer

Equipment List
1001iChart software
3100-iSICCellular modem with iSIC
A22Solar Panel, 20 watt
A49High gain antenna, cellular frequency, tri-mode, 2 dBd
A36RF cable, micro-loss, 6′
A55Pole/wall mounting kit
A39Ground kit
600-01YSI 600 OMS sonde with temperature/conductivity & turbidity sensors
6092Field cable, 50′

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