European Space Agency launches Sentinel-1 Earth-observing satellite

By on April 14, 2014

Sentinel-1 launch (Credit: ESA)

The European Space Agency launched the Sentinel-1 satellite on April 3, marking the start of the agency’s global monitoring program, Copernicus, Physics World reported.

Sentinel-1 will monitor forests, water, soil, Arctic sea ice and other features. The satellite will be the first of a fleet launched over the next ten years.

The 2.8 meter long, 2300 kilogram Sentinel-1 is equipped with a synthetic-aperture radar system that will monitor the Earth for seven years. Six other Sentinel satellites will be launched by the completion of the first satellite’s mission.

Future Sentinel satellite missions will study atmospheric conditions, vegetation, and sea- and land-surface temperatures.

Image: Sentinel-1 launch (Credit: ESA)

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