Exposure to Deepwater Horizon oil hampers mahi-mahi swimming ability

By on June 18, 2014
Mahi-mahi (Credit: Manoel Lemos, via Flickr)

Mahi-mahi (Credit: Manoel Lemos, via Flickr)

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was disastrous for all parties involved, especially for the countless aquatic wildlife affected by the incident.

A new study by the University of Miami reveals the commercially significant mahi-mahi are yet another victim of the spill, showing that juvenile mahi-mahi exposed to Deepwater Horizon oil for 48 hours swim at a 37 percent reduced velocity compared to their unmarred relatives.

Hindering a fish’s swimming ability reduces its ability to catch prey and evade predation. The researchers suggest that other fish may experience a reduction in swimming ability, threatening temporary population declines.

Image: Mahi-mahi (Credit: Manoel Lemos, via Flickr)

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