First wetland carbon credit program waits for approval

By on January 24, 2012

A small New Orleans-based consulting group has proposed that wetland restoration projects could be used to receive carbon credits. Tierra Resources began developing the Restoration of Degraded Deltaic Wetlands of the Mississippi Delta methodology in 2007 as a way to restore the Mississippi Delta’s natural landscape. Wetlands naturally sequester carbon from the atmosphere, which is why Tierra Resources has put the project in front of the American Carbon Registry for approval. Last year, the non-profit registry helped trade, retire and contract about 3 million tons of carbon. If approved, this would be the first carbon credit program that involves wetlands.

“The interesting thing about this methodology is that it’s broad and flexible,” said Mary Grady director of marketing for the registry to the Daily Comet. “Instead of just saying you can plant a certain kind of tree, there are various hydraulic methods you can implement. That’s never been done before in carbon-offset history.”

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Image credit: Oil Spill Commission

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