Great Lakes region sees wetland gain

By on January 10, 2014

Great Lakes coastal wetland (Credit: NOAA National Ocean Service)

A federal report released in November 2013 indicates that the Great Lakes region was the only one to see an increase in its total area of coastal wetlands, according to the Associated Press. The results are likely due to restoration efforts in the region.

These efforts include new levees, canals and pumps to regulate water levels. Fish passageways are also being remediated in efforts to make better homes for wildlife and limit the spread of invasive species.

While the rest of the United States saw a loss of 360,720 acres of wetland area, the Great Lakes region saw an increase of 13,610 acres. The losses represent 1 percent of total wetland in the U.S. The greatest losses were seen along the Gulf of Mexico, where wetlands have been damaged by flood-control projects and over-development.

Image: Great Lakes coastal wetland (Credit: NOAA National Ocean Service)

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