Humans, not climate change, are to blame for endangering aquifers

By on February 28, 2012

Though the hot topic in water level news has centered around climate change increasing sea levels, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan and McGill University believe we should look to ourselves for the more pressing issue. Their research focused on coastal aquifers which are in danger of drying up due to human activity in the form of pumping for wells, domestic use and agricultural use. Their study that analyzed 1,400 coastal watersheds explained that rising sea level does not affect these aquifers much.

Though most aquifers are freshwater aquifers that can be replenished by rain and melting snow when they are tapped, coastal aquifers fill with saltwater when humans pull too much freshwater from them. Many of the one billion people who live on or near a coast depend on ground water.

Read more at the University of Saskatchewan Campus News

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