Hundreds of water quality sensors bound for Savannah River

By on August 21, 2012
Savannah River and Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge

Researchers from Clemson University and Coastal Carolina University are collaborating to study the Savannah River, according to a release from the university.

The data collected will contribute to Clemson’s Intelligent River Project, a research project that aims to provide real-time data about rivers to water-resource managers and the public.

Remote sensors will be deployed in the river to store and transmit data about water quality, clarity, temperature and other environmental indicators. The data will be transmitted to Clemson, where it will be processed and made available to the public on the Internet. Coastal Carolina University will provide watercraft and equipment as well as technical staff and support.

Image: Savannah River and Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge (Credit: Kmf164, via Wikimedia Commons)

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