In-Situ donates water level tapes to help Ebola care facilities in Sierra Leone

By on April 27, 2015

A road in Sierra Leone. (Credit: LindsayStark/CC BY 2.0)

Sierra Leone is struggling against one of the worst Ebola outbreaks in history, according to a release from In-Situ Inc. One of the things that care facilities there struggle with is meeting the water needs of people suffering from the disease.

To help with that effort, In-Situ Inc. has donated 11 groundwater level monitoring devices to the country’s Ministry of Water Resources. These include water level dip tapes that join with Rugged TROLL 100 Water Level Loggers Sierra Leone already has.

The ministry plans to use the devices to protect groundwater resources around Ebola care facilities from waste, as well as track water levels to better understand groundwater recharge. The water level equipment may also be integrated into the country’s monitoring infrastructure as officials try to re-establish hydrological and meteorological monitoring sites destroyed during a civil war that ended there in 2001.

Top image: A road in Sierra Leone. (Credit: LindsayStark/CC BY 2.0)

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