In-Situ Rugged TROLL is an affordable water level sensor

By on June 30, 2010

In-Situ Inc. announced today a new line of low-cost, titanium water level sensors. In-Situ Inc. is the only manufacturer of affordable, titanium water level loggers. The durable, corrosion-resistant Rugged TROLL instruments monitor and record changes in water level, pressure, and temperature.

In-Situ Rugged TROLL 100 Water Level Sensor

In-Situ Rugged TROLL 100 Water Level Sensor

Rugged TROLL instruments withstand harsh conditions and can be used to monitor groundwater and surface water levels, coastal environments, landfills, flood events, storm surges, and more. Additionally, these instruments can be used to automate crest-stage gages. Two versions of the Rugged TROLL instrument are available.

The Rugged TROLL 200 instrument with direct-read cable is designed for applications that require real-time data access via a telemetry system, PLC system, PC, or RuggedReader handheld PC. If needed, the Rugged TROLL 200 can be deployed on suspension cable. The Rugged TROLL Com device is the communication interface between a Rugged TROLL 200 instrument and a PC or RuggedReader handheld PC.

The Rugged TROLL 100 instrument is intended for long-term deployments that require minimal data access. Users deploy the Rugged TROLL 100 on suspension cable. Upon retrieving the instrument, users download data via a docking station to a PC or RuggedReader handheld PC.

These non-vented (absolute) instruments are compatible with In-Situ Inc.’s user-friendly Win-Situ 5 software platform, which simplifies programming and data downloads. For optimum accuracy and to correct for barometric pressure changes, the titanium Rugged BaroTROLL instrument can be deployed along with a Rugged TROLL instrument. The Rugged BaroTROLL monitors and logs barometric pressure.

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