Lufft releases weather stations with integrated pyranometers

By on October 20, 2010

Lufft USA has announced production of two new integrated weather stations with built-in pyranometers. The units also measure temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and wind speed/direction.

Lufft WS501 compact weather station with solar pyranometerThe WS301 and WS501 are the latest additions to the Lufft line of WS weather stations with intelligent microprocessors. Last month, Fondriest Environmental began carrying the full family of Lufft multi-parameter weather sensors and will also offer the two new additions. The sensors are designed to reduce costs by integrating multiple climate parameters into one precise, flexible sensor.

The new sensors will measure global irradiance in addition to wind, temperature, humidity, and air pressure (WS501) or temperature, humidity and air pressure (WS301). The climate parameters are extremely accurate and calibrated to international standards ISO17025/9001. Data are transmitted via digital stream or analog channels.

The WS series of compact weather stations by Lufft are now compatible with most any programmable logic controller that communicates via MODBUS data stream. The compact and efficient weather stations can also be configured via ASCII digital language, SDI-12, UMB, NMEA, or analog. WS200-WS600 and VENTUS/V200A ultrasonic anemometer models are designed with different levels of functionality to meet specific weather monitoring needs of any application. All models are covered to protect from the elements and can be integrated into any building control system.

For more specs and info about each unit, check out the appropriate PDF brochure (WS301, WS501). Or contact a Fondriest Environmental product specialist at 888.426.2151 or

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