Maine town to monitor nutrient runoff in search for algal bloom solution

By on October 1, 2012
Lake Auburn (Credit: Rose Berch, via Flickr)

Water district officials in a Maine town recently approved $50,000 for a water monitoring project aimed at stopping a problematic algal bloom, according to the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal.

Auburn, Maine officials want to find a long term solution to the algal bloom, which has been killing trout in Lake Auburn.  John Storer, superintendent of the Auburn Water District said the state will no longer stock the lake with trout if the bloom continues, according to the Sun Journal.

Officials know that excess phosphorus is fueling algae growth.  They plan to monitor nutrient runoff during rainstorms with a meter at a northern lake basin and at a brook that feeds the lake.

The algal bloom has killed more than 50 fish.   City officials are considering stirring the lake or adding in chemicals to counteract the bloom. Plans to address the bloom have not been finalized.

Image: Lake Auburn (Credit: Rose Berch, via Flickr)

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