Mapping project shows Great Lakes experiencing more environmental stress

By on December 31, 2012

A study by the University of Michigan has found that the Great Lakes are under great environmental stress, according to The Enterprise Bulletin. Lakes Erie and Ontario are experiencing the greatest stress.

The Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping project (GLEAM) looked to measure how each lake is faring against 34 different environmental stressors, including the presence of heavy metals, invasive mussels and high nitrogen levels.

Some lakes are experiencing effects of warmer temperatures, while others have to deal with industrial waste or runoff from agriculture. The researchers devised a point system that helped them measure the stress level of each lake, with higher points going to more detrimental factors. Added up, the points give an indication of the health of each lake.

Image: Maps indicate the areas of highest environmental stress in the Great Lakes Basin (Credit: Great Lakes Environmental and Assessment Mapping Project)

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