NexSens releases new version of the popular WQSensors software

By on April 19, 2008

WQSensors Software, the latest product release from NexSens Technology, offers environmental professionals a powerful sensor interface and data collection program for use with the complete WQSensor USB smart sensor product line.

Connect any WQSensor and immediately start collecting data.

Included with the purchase of any WQSensor, the program allows users to quickly calibrate, log, and analyze data from any WQSensor including Temperature, pH & Temperature, ORP & Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature, Ammonium, Bromide, Calcium, Chloride, Fluoride, and Nitrate.

WQSensors Software’s unique virtual instrument design offers a simple interface for creating & opening projects, viewing & logging sensor data, generating graphical reports, changing software settings, accessing useful science information, and obtaining product support. The complete software package can be downloaded for FREE at

When connected, the sensor’s unique ID is automatically recognized, and readings are displayed on the screen. Sample data refreshes every second, and sensor readings can be set to log once or continuously at user-defined intervals. The software interface allows multiple sensors to be connected to a single computer, and the display automatically adjusts for viewing and logging multiple parameters simultaneously.

When data collection is complete, WQSensors Software features a powerful report generator for outputting summaries, statistics, graphs, and raw data points. Reports are quickly generated with the click of a button, and advanced options allow the user to adjust graph scaling, select time intervals, etc.

WQSensors Software’s unique Science library includes an interactive Periodic Table of Elements, a fast & easy unit converter, aquatic species tolerances, and other useful information for environmental professionals. The Science Library is a handy and relevant reference tool to help comprehend the meaning and relevance of collected water quality data.

These tools, along with the unique WQSensors Smart USB interface, provide a complete water quality sampling toolkit for a wide range of lab or field applications.

For more information, email or call 888.426.2151.

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