Nile River dam project under review

By on October 24, 2013
Blue Nile Falls (Credit: Ben Robbins, via Wikimedia Commons)

Blue Nile Falls (Credit: Ben Robbins, via Wikimedia Commons)

An Ethiopian dam in progress on the Blue Nile River is under review for its impacts on the region by Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian government officials and experts, according to an Ethio Sun report.

If completed, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be Africa’s largest, supplying 6,000 megawatts to Ethiopia.

About 86 percent of water that flows into the Nile comes from Ethiopia. Egyptian officials are fervently against the dam project, but recent political unrest weakened their negotiating position.

The review is scheduled for early November. Officials and experts will evaluate possible effects and structure of the dam, which has been criticized by international experts.

The dam is about 20 percent complete and is scheduled to be complete in 2017.

Image: Blue Nile Falls (Credit: Ben Robbins, via Wikimedia Commons)

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