Optical Oxygen Sensors Using YSI ROX Technology

By on August 13, 2010

The next-generation YSI ROX is a luminescent-based dissolved oxygen sensor that offers YSI customers the most powerful tool for making long-term oxygen measurements in severe fouling and low oxygen environments. Their rugged design and large measurement range make these optical oxygen sensors ideal for sampling, flow cell, and groundwater measurements.

YSI ROX features include:
  • Luminescence lifetime detection of oxygen to provide the most stable measurements possible
  • Microprocessor-controlled measurement system reduces drift and improves accuracy
  • Easy to replace, durable membrane with a usable life of one year
  • Fully compatible with all YSI 6-Series sondes equipped with optical ports with a free and easy firmware upgrade from ysi.com
  • Easy one- or two- point calibration: One-point saturation; Two-point for a zero calibration point and saturation
  • Integrated wiping system providing anti-fouling in the most hostile environments and featuring: New switch controlled wiper parking system; Non-corroding titanium wiper shaft for long-life in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and low oxygen environments; Service-Center-replaceable wiper shaft seal for longer sensor life
  • Widest detection range of any optical dissolved oxygen sensor for easy correlation with YSI Rapid Pulse legacy data

YSI understands the challenges facing scientists and technicians in the field today. The lessons the company’s employees have learned firsthand have been applied to the design of the new ROX sensor.

ROX Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Improving on YSI’s commitment to supplying customers with relevant calibration and QA/QC data, each ROX sensor is shipped with full-range factory calibration coefficients to ensure excellent sensor accuracy.


The ROX sensing system is based on the luminescence lifetime method. This method was chosen because it offers the most stable, repeatable, and sensitive method for oxygen detection, thus reducing sensor drift and prolonging deployment times.

The ROX membrane differs from the traditional electrochemical sensor membrane, requiring fewer steps for installation and less maintenance. ROX membranes will last for one year and are made of a durable material that is unlikely to be damaged in the field. The ROX sensor eliminates stirring dependency that was required of most traditional polarographic sensors.

Rapid Pulse vs. ROX

YSI’s optical DO sensor has several advantages over the Rapid Pulse DO sensor including:

  • Zero flow dependence
  • Maintenance-free and puncture-proof membrane
  • No electrolyte
  • Self-cleaning for longer deployments
  • Insensitive to H2S
  • Zero-cal option

For more information about YSI dissolved oxygen optical sensors or additional dissolved oxygen measurement technology, call a Fondriest Environmental product specialist at 888.426.2151 or email customercare@fondriest.com.

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