Rutgers Challenger glider nearing end of first leg across world

By on September 23, 2013

Rutgers’ Challenger Glider is moving full steam ahead toward Ascension Island, its final destination in the first leg of the mission by the same name, according to the Rutgers International Coalition of Ocean Observing Laboratories blog.

At the time of their writing, the glider was within 260 kilometers of the island. It’s cruising at approximately 26 kilometers per day.

As the glider nears its final destination ahead of schedule, Rutgers’ oceanography professors and students are debating on sampling around the island or recovering the glider early.

A pair of Rutgers researchers will meet the Challenger on Ascension Island to tune it up and replace batteries before deploying it on the second leg of its journey to Brazil.

The glider started its journey in South Africa.

Image: The Rutgers glider shortly after deployment near South Africa (Credit: Rutgers/I-COOL)

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