Satellite-based wildfire recovery tool expanding to most western states

By on August 20, 2014

ISU GIS students demonstrate the RECOVER system's in-field capabilities. (Credit: ISU Photographic Services)

A satellite program overseen by NASA and Idaho State University is expanding into most of the western U.S., according to a release from the university. The program has already been successfully tested in Idaho and helped with decisions to manage the Big Cougar wildfire.

Meant to help the West better respond to natural disasters, the RECOVER (Rehabilitation Capability Convergence for Ecosystem Recovery) satellite system produces detailed reports of areas affected by wildfires, earthquakes or other large disasters. Those using the tool have found it can amass critical findings needed for disaster management in as little as five minutes.

RECOVER was developed by scientists at Idaho State, with planning assistance from NASA. It largely uses GIS maps and satellite imagery to bring together site-specific information useful in disaster response.

Image:┬áISU GIS students demonstrate the RECOVER system’s in-field capabilities. (Credit: ISU Photographic Services)

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