Scientific review casts doubt on carbon sequestration to slow climate change

By on April 21, 2015

A proposed geoengineering solution to climate change has been grounded, according to a recent press release by Inderscience Publishers, publishers of the International Journal of Global Warming.

Several recent studies and reports have called geoengineering climate solutions into question, and carbon sequestration is latest solution to have a scientific review produce skepticism. In order to work, the storage units would have to safely secure carbon dioxide for an extended period of time. However, scientists warn that limited knowledge and potential risks could make this solution unsustainable.

A chief concern surrounding carbon geological storage is the possibility of carbon dioxide leaking out the containers and returning to the atmosphere. Additional risks can vary based on location of the disposal sites. Researchers suggest dealing with greenhouse gases at their source before resorting to geoengineering solutions.

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