Study examines ocean nutrients role in climate change

By on April 14, 2013
Pacific Ocean off California coast (Credit: NOAA)

A new study led by researchers at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton suggests that nutrient availability in the world’s oceans could play a vital role in future environmental change, the National Oceanography Centre reports.

The study, published in Nature Geoscience, reviews how oceanic nutrients both impact our environment and play a vital role in regulating climate change.

Oceanic nutrients help regulate marine algae, which supports most marine ecosystems. Therefore, maintaining healthy levels of nutrients is essential for controlling the balance of marine life. Additionally, the study highlights how the biological production from different nutrient cycles helps play a critical role in sequestering carbon dioxide in the ocean.

The study stresses the need for additional research to understand the potential consequences of nutrient fluctuations.

Image: Pacific Ocean off California coast (Credit: NOAA)

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