Study: Sea levels to rise unevenly

By on February 25, 2013
Rising sea levels engulf a Louisiana highway (Credit: NOAA)

The University of Bristol has announced findings from a study of projected future sea level increases that indicate sea levels are due to rise unevenly throughout the world over the next century. Pairing with the University of Urbino, researchers used sophisticated computer modeling to project how global warming and widespread ice melt will affect global sea levels.

The study focused on three factors that will lead to uneven distribution of rising sea levels: The ongoing shifting of Earth’s crust, ocean warming and the gravitational pull that certain frozen land masses have on surrounding liquid water.

The study is especially critical for assessing the risk of inundation in low-lying, highly populated areas, which are most vulnerable to sea-level increases.

Image: Rising sea levels engulf a Louisiana highway (Credit: NOAA)

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