• Houston Clean Air Network ozone map
    Houston Clean Air Network reports daily air quality

    Houston, like many other cities, suffers from poor air quality. But now residents can check the daily condition of air around the city online, according to a University of Houston press release.

  • la copita research area
    Scientists seek causes of woody encroachment on Texas savanna

    South Texas is a brutal landscape. For weeks on end each year, it’s possible to have high temperatures hovering above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and lows that don’t dip under 90. The state, which has both large cities...

  • stormwater management erosion
    Stormwater management cuts erosion in fragile ecosystem

    In a strip of land between the Grand River and Grand Valley State University’s Allendale, Mich. campus, a system of ravines puts a significant wrinkle in the otherwise flat landscape.

  • 2011 Queensland floods
    Australian scientists monitor aftermath of massive flood

    Australian researchers are monitoring damage to Queenland’s water supply from a gargantuan 2011 flood, according to a press release from AB SCIEX, a manufacturer of analytical chemistry technology. Water from excess rainfall and overfull rivers flooded an...

  • Peat monitoring
    University measuring extreme weather effects on peatlands GHG emissions

    Extreme weather events are often explained by climate change, but a team of researchers at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom is examining if extreme weather could have an impact on climate change, according to...

  • Forest fire risk app
    App enlists public in monitoring forest fire risk

    A smartphone app in development will give the public the ability to log data on forest fire risk during a simple walk in the woods, according to a press release from the University of British Columbia.

  • Colorado researchers believe debris increases snowmelt

    A skiing enthusiast, Danielle Perrot has understandable concern for the condition of her recreational surface. If the snow is too dirty, it sticks to the skis. If it melts too early, the ski season ends prematurely. If...

  • Water probe is a breakthrough on predicting glacial movement

    Graduate students in Greenland monitoring glacial movements and the effect climate change has on the icy behemoths successfully tested a probe that shows real-time glacial fluctuation, according to a report in Scientific American by one of the...

  • Soufrière Hills
    Volcano monitoring to help reduce risk in Caribbean, Latin America

    A team of researchers from British universities and international organizations launched a five-year study aimed to reduce risk to those living near active volcanoes in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a press release from the...

  • A screenshot from the Berkeley Atmospheric CO2 Observation Network Google map (Credit: UC Berkeley)
    UC Berkeley sensor network tracks city carbon emissions

    An air quality sensor network planned by the University of California, Berkeley will give researchers a picture of Oakland’s greenhouse gas emissions at a finer scale than previous city-wide monitoring networks, according to a news release from...

  • Continent-wide environmental observing network breaks ground

    With recent groundbreaking ceremonies in Florida and Massachusetts, the National Ecological Observatory Network marked the beginning of construction at two of its 62 planned sites for monitoring environmental change across North America. The National Science Foundation-funded, non-profit...