Tributaries important in conserving fish of large rivers

By on May 29, 2013
Blue catfish (Credit: Thomsonmg2000, via Wikimedia Commons)

A study from the University of Wisconsin finds that 88 percent of fish species found exclusively in river systems like the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers are of conservation concern, according to a release.

The study counts 60 of 68 U.S. fish species of either federal or international concern. In addition to traditional conservation methods like habitat restoration, the researchers say that more focus should be placed on restoring tributaries going into the major river systems.

Many of the fish highlighted in the study are large-river fishes. They include paddlefish, blue catfish, tiny crystal darters and silver chub, among others.

Image: Blue catfish (Credit: Thomsonmg2000, via Wikimedia Commons)

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