U.K. superbug study seeks swabs from surfers

By on June 19, 2015

Surfers and scientists are working together to get to the bottom of a major health concern, according to BBC News. Surfers Against Sewage is partnering with researchers to carry out Beach Bums, a project to find out more about superbugs that might be lurking in seawater.

Beach Bums wants rectal swabs from 300 U.K. surfers to help scientists learn about how marine pollution affects humans. Researchers say that surfers ingest over 10 times the amount of seawater that other swimmers do.

Additionally, superbugs are highly resistant to antibiotics, making infections more difficult to treat. The surfers’ swab results will be compared with swabs from people who spend less time in the ocean, so researchers can understand superbugs’ impact human health. Test results will be published next year.

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