USGS aerial photos show Sandy’s damaging power

By on November 13, 2012

The U.S. Geological Survey published aerial photographs of beach erosion from before and after Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey, which show drastic changes to coastal areas of both states.

The photographs illustrate the power of Sandy and the importance of sand dunes, which protected buildings and citizens from the storm. Many photos show how far water advanced on beaches compared with before the storm.

The photographs are part of the USGS’ assessment of coastal change across the East Coast from North Carolina to Massachusetts, according to a USGS news release.

One area USGS focused on was Fire Island, N.Y. where they found dunes eroded an average of 70 feet. The National Parks Service assisted in analyzing Fire Island and will use USGS fast response data to analyze vulnerable coastal areas.

Photos from North Carolina and Massachusetts will be published soon, along with more data on Sandy and her effects.

Image: Long Island near Mecox Bay where a breach opened by the storm allowed a large volume of material into the bay (Credit: USGS)

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