Video shows 33 years of changing Arctic ice

By on June 19, 2014

Arctic ice (Credit: Pink floyd88 a, via Wikimedia Commons)

A video created by the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows changes in Arctic ice over 33 years. It details losses of ice cover in the region from 1979 to 2012.

[youtube id=”AztEry44A9A” width=”600″ height=”360″]

Changes in ice cover appear to accelerate in the video’s later years, depicting the trend of loss that continues today. As a result of the changes, map-makers at National Geographic are planning to redraw the area in the organization’s new Atlas of the World.

Not covered in the video is the May 2014 extent of ice in the Arctic, which beat winter ice averages from 1981 to 2010. The 2014 levels reached 4.93 million square miles, about 500,000 more than average.

Image: Arctic ice (Credit: Pink floyd88 a, via Wikimedia Commons)

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