Warmer, more acidic ocean threatens lobsters

By on July 16, 2013

Groups advocating for lobsters in Maine say that carbon pollution is threatening the creature’s survival, according to the Associated Press. Warmer waters, they say, are pushing them toward cooler areas where they’re more susceptible to disease.

Rising levels of ocean acidification are also hindering the lobsters by causing their shells to be softer than normal. The groups say climate change instigated by carbon pollution is to blame for the lobster’s problems.

Joining to advocate for Maine’s lobsters were the Natural Resources Council of Maine, Maine Lobster Council, Ready Seafood Co., Maine Restaurant Association and the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center. Last year’s stock of lobster pulled off the coast of Maine was valued at $339 million.

Image: American lobster (Credit: Roberto Rodríguez, via Wikimedia Commons)

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