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By on August 16, 2010

Fondriest Environmental offers a comprehensive selection of weather sensors for advanced research-grade meteorological applications as well as weather enthusiasts. Fondriest can also assist in the configuration of comprehensive weather monitoring systems.

We offer carefully selected equipment that meets only the most stringent performance and quality standards. Multi-parameter weather sensors, such as the highly popular all-in one Vaisala WXT520, provide an unparalleled combination of value and performance.

Some of Fondriest’s weather sensors include the following.

Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor

Vaisala WXT520 Multi-Parameter Weather SensorThe Vaisala WXT520 (right) measures wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. The wind speed and direction measurement is based on the Vaisala WINDCAP sensor, which uses ultrasonic waves to calculate accurate readings from any horizontal wind direction without blind angles and corrupted readings. A single module housed inside the sensor reads barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity using capacitive measurement for each parameter. The precipitation measurement in the WXT520 is unique, as it records accumulated rainfall, rain intensity, and duration — all in real time. The WXT520 is water resistant and classified as IP66. The wind and rain sensors can optionally be equipped with a heating element to prevent snow and ice buildup in severe weather conditions. A bird deterrent kit is also available.

Precipitation Sensors

RM Young 52202 Heated Rain GaugeThe RM Young 52202 (right) & 52203 tipping-bucket rain gauges use an established tipping bucket mechanism for effective rainfall measurement. The bucket geometry and material of this rain gauge are specially selected for maximum water release, thereby reducing contamination and errors. A catchment area of 200cm2 and measurement resolution of 0.1mm meet the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Extensive use of molded thermoplastic components ensures maximum performance and value. Leveling screws and bullseye level are built-in for easy and precise adjustment in the field. Measured precipitation is discharged through a collection tube for verification of total rainfall.

The OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure rainfall, snow or hail. Like the original, the new Pluvio² measures both the amount and intensity of liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. The instrument works according to the balance principle, taking into account external factors such as temperature and wind that could distort the results. Liquid or solid precipitation is measured immediately with no time delay for melting solid precipitation.

The Pluvio² also offers additional features and benefits including real-time intensity, non real-time accumulation with a constant 5-minute delay, larger capacity option, larger collection area option, and multiple communication interfaces. The Model 200 features a collection capacity of 1500mm and a 200 cm orifice. The Model 400 offers a collection capacity of 750mm and a 400cm orifice. Electronics are hermetically sealed against damaging environmental influences. The carrier, bucket, and protective housing all feature a robust construction with high-quality materials.

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Wind Speed and Direction Sensors

RM Young 05103 Wind MonitorsThe RM Young 05103 (right) wind monitor is a field proven, high performance wind sensor. The wind speed sensor is a four blade helicoid propeller. Propeller rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage signal with frequency directly proportional to wind speed. Slip rings and brushes are eliminated for increased reliability.

The wind direction sensor is a rugged yet lightweight vane with a sufficiently low aspect ratio to assure good fidelity in fluctuating wind conditions. Vane angle is sensed by a precision potentiometer housed in a sealed chamber. With a known excitation voltage applied to the potentiometer, the output voltage is directly proportional to vane angle. A mounting orientation ring assures correct realignment of the wind direction reference when the instrument is removed for maintenance.

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Vaisala PTB210 Analog BarometersBarometric Pressure Sensors

Vaisala PTB210 analog barometers (right) are ideal for outdoor installations and harsh environments. They are designed to operate in a wide temperature range, and the housing provides protection against rain. The corrosion-resistant housing, along with the compact size, allows for easy installation and ensures a service-free lifetime of use. In applications where the PTB210 will be exposed to wind, Vaisala recommends using the SPH10 or SPH20 Static Pressure Head to filter out the effect of dynamic pressure.

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Humidity Sensors

The RM Young 41382 probe combines a high accuracy, capacitance-type humidity sensor and precision platinum RTD temperature sensor in one probe. It offers a choice of 0-1 VDC or 4-20mA outputs for temperature and relative humidity. Probes are easily installed in their compatible, naturally ventilated (multi-plate) and aspirated radiation shields. A junction box is provided for cable terminations.

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Temperature Sensor

The RM Young 41342 platinum temperature probe offers accurate, temperature-only measurement. Three output options are available: 4 wire RTD, 0-1 VDC, and 4-20mA. Probes are easily installed in their compatible, naturally ventilated (multi-plate) and aspirated radiation shields. A junction box is provided for cable terminations.

For additional information about weather monitoring options, see our full weather sensor inventory. To hear more, call a Fondriest Environmental product specialist at 888.426.2151 or email

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