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NexSens G2-FLOW Flow Monitor

NexSens G2-FLOW Flow Monitor


The NexSens G2-FLOW is a fully integrated water flow measurement system. An integral battery pack and cellular system provide real-time data and notifications.


  • Simple integration and automatic sensor detection of area velocity or pressure sensor
  • Real-time cellular data transmission and flow alert notifications
  • Fully submersible and rugged design protects the unit from harsh deployment environments
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The NexSens G2-FLOW is a complete flow monitoring solution with integrated data logger, cellular modem, and battery. The user selects either a FloWav Pipeline PSA-AV area velocity sensor or an APG PT-500 pressure transducer for flow monitoring. The FloWav Pipeline PSA-AV sensor is a fully integrated area velocity flow sensor that combines proven pressure depth and continuous wave Doppler velocity technologies with innovative sensor level signal processing for improved sensor accuracy and stability. The APG PT-500 is a rugged pressure transducer designed for highly accurate water level measurements. The PT-500 can be used to measure flow rate by utilizing a user entered lookup table.

G2-FLOW can be configured directly from any web browser without the need for costly site visits and complicated connections. The system wirelessly transmits flow data to WQData LIVE’s cloud-based data management platform at user-defined intervals. Paired with WQData LIVE’s configurable alerts, users can be automatically notified of elevated flow rates or other anomalies directly on a mobile device or computer. Historical data can be viewed, graphed, and downloaded from WQData LIVE for additional analysis.

The G2-FLOW was designed for simplicity. The integrated battery can last up to 5 months in a typical application with the option to double the life by installing a second battery pack. This removes the need for frequent site visits or complicated solar powered setups. The integrated cellular modem with bundled NexSens hosted service provides real-time communication without the complexities of setting up a cell account. 

*To ensure reliable data transmission, confirm the availability of Verizon 3G service at deployment location.

Notable Specifications:

G2-FLOW Logger
Mount: Handle
Weight: 7 lbs.
Dimensions: 5.5” Diameter, 12.3” Height
Temperature Range: -30 to 80 °C
Rating: IP69
Memory: Over 20M data points before rollover (Over 40 years with a 15 minute interval)
Battery Pack: (3) D-Cell lithium (Thionyl Chloride)
Battery Life: 5 months (average of 96 logs and 4 transmissions per day); 10 months with an optional second battery pack
Sensor Connector: (2) NexSens SensorBUS UW-8
External Power/Comm Connector: NexSens UW-6
Communication: NexSens hosted Verizon 4G cellular modem
Transmission Trigger: Parameter Threshold, Time-based
User Interface: NexSens WQData LIVE 2.0 web portal
Log Interval: User configurable from 1 minute (15 minute default)
User Parameters: FloWav PSA-AV: Depth, Velocity, Flow Rate, Flow Accumulation (Calculated); APG PT-500: Temperature, Pressure, Depth, Flow Rate (Requires user entered flow table), Flow Accumulation (Calculated)
Diagnostic Data Parameters: Input Power, Internal Pressure, Internal Temperature, Internal Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, Cell Module Power, Processor Power, Processor Current, RTC Power, Cell Module Current, Cell Status

What's Included:

(1) G2-FLOW Logger
(1) G2 Series Battery Pack (installed)
(1) Cellular Antenna (installed)
(1) Quick Start Card

Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
NexSens G2-FLOW Flow Monitor G2-FLOW Cellular flow monitor
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Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
NexSens Verizon Cellular Data Service VZ-25MB-M Verizon cellular data service with 25 MB monthly allowance & static IP address, priced per month
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens Verizon Cellular Data Service VZ-25MB-Y Verizon cellular data service with 25 MB monthly allowance & static IP address, priced per year
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens PSA-AV Area Velocity Sensor PSA-AV-UW-30 PSA-AV area velocity & vented water level sensor with UW plug connector, 30 ft. cable
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens PT-500 Vented Water Level Sensor PT-500-UW-6-35 PT-500 vented water level sensor with UW plug connector, 6 PSIG range, 35 ft. cable
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens G2 Series Battery Pack G2-BAT-3D G2 Series battery pack, 3 D-Cell
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens SP6 6-Watt Solar Power Pack SP6 Solar power pack, 6-watt. Includes solar panel, regulator, 6 A-Hr battery & pole mount weather tight enclosure
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens X2/V2 AC Power Adapter UW6-PW AC power adapter, X2/V2
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens X2/V2 Direct Connect USB PC Cable UW6-USB-485P Direct connect USB PC cable, X2/V2
Usually ships in 3-5 days

Questions & Answers

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Can this product be used in a Flood Alert System?
Yes, this product's real-time updates and configurable alarms make it great for warning users of flood situations.
Can I provide my own cellular data service?
No, in order to simplify the setup process, the Verizon cellular account must be setup by NexSens.
Is a paid subscription to WQData LIVE required to use this product?
No, the required WQData LIVE subscription cost is bundled into the Verizon cellular data price, so a separate subscription is not required.
Are the batteries user replaceable?
Yes, the user can purchase replacement battery packs and install themselves.
Can this product be used in portable monitoring applications?
Yes, the simple design and modular nature of this product allow it to be used in permanent, semi-permanent, or portable monitoring applications.
Do I need to purchase an additional cellular antenna?
No, it comes with an antenna integrated into the top of the device.
Does the product come with a sensor?
No, in order to allow customers to choose between measurement methodologies, the sensor is not bundled into the product. Users may select from a PSA-AV Area Velocity Sensor or a PT-500 Pressure Transducer.
In what situations can a pressure transducer alone provide flow data?
In order to measure flow using only a pressure transducer's level measurement, the user must provide a rating curve table that gives typical flow values at various depths. This method of flow measurement typically requires a weir or periodic spot sampling in order to create an accurate table.

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