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NexSens G2-MET Weather Station

NexSens G2-MET Weather Station


The NexSens G2-MET is a fully integrated weather station monitor. An integral cellular system provides real-time data and notifications.


  • Airmar 110WX compact weather station measures wind, temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity
  • Real-time cellular data transmission and alert notifications
  • Sensor, logger, transmitter and solar power pack incorporated into a streamline design
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The NexSens G2-MET is an integrated weather station monitoring system. The device measures, logs, and transmits wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity values directly to a personalized WQData LIVE web datacenter.

G2-MET is configured through the cellular network using a web browser. Configurable email alerts provide real-time notifications to any mobile device or computer. Historical data can be viewed, graphed, and downloaded for further analysis.

With an included solar power pack, data logger, cellular modem and weather station all pre-mounted to a 2" NPT pipe, the G2-MET can be configured and deployed in just a few minutes. The complete system simply screws onto a 2" diameter pole with NPT pipe threads. All connections are made using waterproof connectors - no wiring or complicated setup is required.

*To ensure reliable data transmission, confirm the availability of Verizon 3G service at deployment location.

Notable Specifications:

Mount: 2” NPT pipe thread
Material: Aluminum body construction
Weight: 23 lbs.
Dimensions: 9.9” Width, 37.6” Height
Temperature Range: -25 to 55 °C
Rating: IP65
MemoryOver 20M data points before rollover (Over 75 years with a 30 minute interval)
Power Pack: 6W solar panel with 12V 6AHr SLA battery
Power Connector: NexSens UW-6
Communication: NexSens hosted Verizon 4G cellular modem
Transmission Trigger: Parameter threshold, time-based
User Interface: NexSens WQData LIVE 2.0 web portal
Log Interval: User configurable from 1 minute (30 minute default)1
User Parameters: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity
Diagnostic Data Parameters: Input Power, Internal Pressure, Internal Temperature, Internal Humidity, Cell Signal Strength, Cell Module Power, Processor Power, Processor Current, RTC Power, Cell Module Current, Cell Status

Included Weather Station

Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy
Wind Speed  0 to 90 MPH  0.1 MPH

Low Wind (0-11.5 MPH): 1.1 MPH + 10% of reading2

High Wind (11.5-90 MPH): 2.3 MPH or 5%, whichever is greater2

Wind Direction  0 to 360º  0.1º

Low Wind (4.6-11.5 MPH): 5º RMS typical2

High Wind (>11.5 MPH): 2º RMS typical2

Air Temperature  -40 to 131ºF  0.1ºF
 +/- 2ºF @ >4.6MPH wind
Barometric Pressure  24 to 33 inHg 0.029 inHg  +/- 0.029 inHg when altitude correction available
Relative Humidity  10 to 95% N/A  +/- 5% 


1System power consumption and availability vary based on configuration and location. Please utilize the Power Calculator to determine application specific requirements.
2Valid for 32-131ºF with no precipitation. Outside these conditions accuracy decreases.

What's Included:

(1) G2-MET Logger (mounted)
(1) Solar battery pack (mounted)
(1) Weather station (installed)
(1) 24" long 2" NPT pipe with equipment pre-mounted
(1) Cellular Antenna
(1) Quick Start Card

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NexSens G2-MET Weather Station G2-MET Cellular weather station with solar power pack
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Image Part # Product Description Price Stock Order
NexSens Verizon Cellular Data Service VZ-25MB-M Verizon cellular data service with 25 MB monthly allowance & static IP address, priced per month
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens Verizon Cellular Data Service VZ-25MB-Y Verizon cellular data service with 25 MB monthly allowance & static IP address, priced per year
Usually ships in 3-5 days
NexSens A02 6 A-Hr Battery A02 Battery, 12 VDC, 6 A-Hr
Usually ships in 3-5 days

Questions & Answers

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Can I provide my own cellular data service?
No, in order to simplify the setup process, the Verizon cellular account must be setup by NexSens.
Is a paid subscription to WQData LIVE required to use this product?
No, the required WQData LIVE subscription cost is bundled into the Verizon cellular data price, so a separate subscription is not required.
Do I need to purchase an additional cellular antenna?
No, it comes with an SMA whip antenna that works fine in locations with good cellular coverage. If cell signal is weak in the deployment area, the included right angle adapter can be installed to increase signal strength.
Can this product be used in portable monitoring applications?
Yes, the simple design and modular nature of this product allow it to be used in permanent, semi-permanent, or portable monitoring applications.

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